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Honor Your Story in the Washington Post

December 10, 2013

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APH Conference Speaker - PBS Producer Steve Young

July 22, 2013

Our American Family

From One Family’s Story to a Documentary Project for Public Television

(Saturday, November 9, 8:30 am)

The first half of the twentieth century represents the last era of American life to begin, for most families, largely unchanged from the lives and experiences of previous generations. The documentary series, Our American Family, captures the voices of survivors of that era, providing us with the opportunity to hear firsthand what it meant to be a family during this simpler time, before the world changed. It also offers what could be a last chance for current and future generations to discover how to apply the lessons they learned. 


Steve Young, founder and executive producer of Our American Family, will share how a journey to capture his father’s family story has grown into a multi-documentary project for public television with the goal of sharing the stories of everyday families from this simpler time while inspiring all families to document their stories before those voices are gone. He will discuss his methodology from initial contact with a family to the completed film, as well as the process of working within the public television system. For more information, please visit www.ouramericanfamilytv.com where you may also watch the pilot episode.


As a co-founder of American Profile online magazine (http://americanprofile.com/)

and the Just A Pinch Recipe Club—the nation’s fastest growing online recipe-sharing site, Steve has put into practice his deeply held belief that all families have important stories to share, and that we are all enriched in the sharing.

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