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We are the stories we tell.

Whether an individual, family, non-profit organization or a small business entrepreneur, everyone has a story to tell. As a story facilitator, we can help you to capture your story in a way that connects with others. 



personal life stories

Taking time to record your life story is something everyone should do. The process allows you to reflect on your journey and the often hard won wisdom that you have acquired. Perhaps there are stories and lessons that you wish to share with the generations to follow. However, the process is not just important to those considering their legacy, it is also invaluable for those closing one life chapter and starting another. Reconnecting with earlier passions often helps individuals to set new goals in the next chapter. 



non-profit stories

Video is a great way to share the story of your organization's efforts. Often the most effective voices for creating awareness, conducting outreach, providing education, and raising funds are those of the people at the heart of your mission. Their first hand accounts of how their experiences have been transformed through your services can move others to action.



business stories

Just as important as a mission statement, every business needs to know its narrative. What drove your enterprise to be created? How did you recognize a need and how did that need align with your ability to solve it? Passion, determination, talent - when you are an entrepreneur, the success of your business is personal. Success often follows the ability to connect with your potential customer base through your story.

Clients are saying...





"She has a gift for bringing stories forth from people and capturing them on video."


- E. Schoettler

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