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Every story is unique.

The inspirations for life stories are as varied as the people telling them. The most common way that people imagine such a project is as a chronological assessment of their lives. This approach, however, can be overwhelming to consider. Although many of the projects follow a general timeline of the subject’s life, there are many other ways to embark on the journey of documenting a life story.


Here are some themes that have guided other projects:  

  • Life Lessons

  • Travel

  • Witness to History

  • Recipes

  • Career

  • Collection of Letters

  • Artist's Body of Work

  • Ancestral Heritage

  • Family Folklore

  • Heirlooms

  • Family Traditions

  • Family Photos

Clients are saying...





"I believe the best gifts are from the heart…And the best gift I ever gave to my family was a memoir book; a compilation of my most treasured childhood stories pertaining to each family member enhanced with an original vintage photograph that captured the essence of each story. That memoir book was absolutely priceless to my parents, my siblings and me. Ronda’s expertise in the selection of photos and the design of the book produced an authentic heirloom for our family, not just now but for generations to come. I am so grateful for her services and her ability to preserve a family’s heritage, for whoever that family is and whatever that family story may be."


- Jacqueline Dunkle

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