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Our stories are powerful.

Even the simplest of stories, once compiled and placed side by side with our perceptions are an instrument of clarity. They can be a force for change, acceptance and joy. What was once cartoonish suddenly becomes profound. What was once taboo suddenly becomes liberating. What was once muddled suddenly becomes illuminating.


This process of looking backwards often results in guiding us forward.


Ronda Barrett is a story facilitator, producing books and documentaries that explore the life stories of everyday people. Her thoughtful approach guides clients through a review of their experiences to discover the heart of what has shaped their personal narratives. Her inquisitive style results in a process of “connecting the dots” that often reveals insights and perspectives previously unrealized. 

Honor your heritage. Honor your life. Honor your story.
A Pilot's Story

with Jim Lanning

View a clip from Jim Lanning's personal history project, as featured in the Washington Post. Through story after story, this humble pilot paints a picture of his experiences that reveals why he is considered an aviation legend.


Learn more about creativing a personal history project in our FAQs >>

Clients are saying...





"Having used Ronda’s services several times to create videos for Montgomery Hospice, I can attest to her skill, her professionalism and her commitment to her craft. She produces high-quality videos with powerful and moving messages. She is respectful towards the individuals begin filmed, as she lets them tell their stories. I greatly value her judgment and expertise."


- Susan Burket, Director of Communications at Montgomery Hospice

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